Buy: American Capital Ltd. (ACAS)

Price : 13.82

Dividend : / (no dividend, but stock is so cheap)

P/B : 0.74

Profit margin: 143.17 %

Debt/Equity: 0.12


Asset management company with solid balance sheet, good buy opportunity, we should grab it.


Buy: Companhia Paranaense de Energia ( ELP)

Price : 17.75

Dividend : 1.39 %

P/B : 0.82

Profit margin: 15.13 %

Debt/Equity: 0.18


Great valuation and we can also see a nice trend, i think it’s a safe play. Nothing on the market is 100 % guaranteed, but we have to come close as possible.

Buy: CME Group Inc. (CME)

Price : 64.44

Dividend : 2.81 %

P/B : 0.99

Profit margin: 30.71 % (very nice !)

Debt/Equity: 0.13


Financial business in good health at good price.

Buy: Corning Inc. (GLW)

Price : 15.61

Dividend : 2.54 %

P/B : 1.09

Profit margin: 22.26 %

Debt/Equity: 0.14


Betting on industry leader at bargain price is probably good thing to do.

Buy : Citigroup (C)

Price : 50.50

Dividend : 0,08%

P/B : 0.80

Profit margin: 12,37 % ( good for such a big bank)

Debt/Equity: 2,53


Even it is not a basic dividend play, i need to recommend this stock and still believe that has enough room for growth.

Buy : France Telecom (FTE)

Price: 10.49

Dividend : 14.34 %

P/B : 0.87

Profit margin: 2.54 % (bad, but good dividend)

Debt/Equity: 1.33


Definitly bargain stock with good dividend, we can expect some dividend cut, but i think even after cut it will be enough attractive.

Last 40 years, 73% of the market returns come from dividends !


If you are an investor who want make some money in stocks investing, then you should always buy a stock with a dividend. Why ?

Well, because if you buy a stock without a dividend (it’s nothing wrong with this approach), you buy a paper without CASH attached on it, and here is the problem, because when you buy this paper you need to know there are also people with hopes that a company has a bright future but in the meantime when you wait, you don’t get any cash at all! It’s ridicoulus to me, WHERE IS MY CASH ? You should always ask yourself this question.

I think in world of investing, there si too much speculation out there for no reason, in next posts I will show some very interesting investing ideas.