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Bond bubble you’ve never heard of? Probably yes.


English: bubble of beer on a bottle Bierblase ...

English: bubble of beer on a bottle Bierblase auf einer Flasche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evolution of stock-market bubble

Evolution of stock-market bubble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


News on France Telecom

Français : Cabine téléphonique - Pont de Norma...

Français : Cabine téléphonique – Pont de Normandie – France Telecom Deutsch: Französische Telefonzelle an der Mautstation Pont de Normandie – France Telekom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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News on Citigroup



Citigroup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Last 40 years, 73% of the market returns come from dividends !


If you are an investor who want make some money in stocks investing, then you should always buy a stock with a dividend. Why ?

Well, because if you buy a stock without a dividend (it’s nothing wrong with this approach), you buy a paper without CASH attached on it, and here is the problem, because when you buy this paper you need to know there are also people with hopes that a company has a bright future but in the meantime when you wait, you don’t get any cash at all! It’s ridicoulus to me, WHERE IS MY CASH ? You should always ask yourself this question.

I think in world of investing, there si too much speculation out there for no reason, in next posts I will show some very interesting investing ideas.