Stock portfolio update

France Telecom (FTE) ———————– entry price : 10.49…current price: 12.55 (ORAN)

Citigroup (C) ———————————–entry price : 50.50…current price: 49.56

Corning Inc. (GLW) —————————entry price : 15.61…current price: 19.70

CME Group Inc. (CME) ———————–entry price : 64.44…current price: 76.33

Companhia Paranaense de Energia (ELP) – entry price : 17.75…current price: 10.76

American Capital Ltd. (ACAS)—————-entry price : 13.82..current price: 15.50

These are my stock picks for now, I avoided commodities stocks (commodities are very volatile which i dont like too much), let see what will happen.

Note: too much diversification is not good, because we can’t control our positions. If I see something interesting i will definetly post, so check my stock portfolio updates.


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